The Institute of Toastmasters of Great Britain

        The British Nation is renowned worldwide for its expertise in ceremony and formality. Many of our members are frequently engaged to officiate at Royal, State and Civic functions. These traditions are also carried out at many other functions such as wedding celebrations, formal banquets and festivals, corporate events, award ceremonies and receptions.

        Indeed events both large and small of all cultures where a degree of formality and precise organisation is required. However our members are very flexible and will conduct the event to the clientsí wishes.
Every function or event has itís own requirements, procedures and etiquette and your Institute Toastmaster will ensure that these niceties are observed.

        The founding members of the Institute were comprised of a group of some of the most experienced Toastmasters in the United Kingdom. These Toastmasters were intent on upholding the very high standards of professionalism and service demanded. By forming the Institute they were able to do this and pass on to members their guidance and the breadth of expertise which had been gained after many years working in the profession.

        It was decided that applicants to the institute who were already Toastmasters would be required to go through a formal process of examination. During which they would be observed by a skilled senior member of the Institute whilst performing their duties as a Toastmaster.

        Only after this selection procedure and judged as proficient enough would they be granted membership of the Institute.